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Services offered by Bernhardt Architecture Ltd
  • Architectural design of healthy, energy-efficient and generally environmentally friendly homes
  • Consultancy on sustainable building matters when building new or when renovating existing houses
  • Regular presentations at the Sustainable Living Centre in New Lynn and at Waitakere City's Eco-Day exhibition
    as well as seminars on sustainable building and powerpoint presentations on topics such as:
    - designing sustainable homes
    - exploring sustainable building and green architecture
    - passive solar design
    - sustainable building materials - options and how to source them

With the Building Biology and Ecology Institute (BBE)

helpline 09 376 6767

  • Eco Building Products and Services Directory
    (background information plus over 300 contacts, updated regularly)
  • Eco design consultancy and assessment of existing houses
  • Eco design and building training course

Bernhardt Architecture Ltd is also working in close cooperation with sustainable architectural designers Equinox Design Ltd. A web connection exists with Ecobob.

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Building Biology and Ecology Institute

Eco matters
Sustainable Living Centre
and Eco-Day exhibition
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