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Our design approach incorporates the creation of homes that

  • Take our client’s vision into account
    We take our clients on a ‘journey’ that is the design process. Open communication and cooperation at every step of the process lead to satisfactory results.

  • Feature contemporary designs
    The design of a house accommodates the lifestyle, adapted to urban or rural conditions. It is a product of our times and serves contemporary needs.

  • Relate to the natural, cultural and built environment
    The local architectural history, cultural elements and natural environmental conditions are of significance in the design of homes that make sense in their place.

  • Are adapted to climate change conditions
    Climate change is on the way with significantly more severe weather patterns expected to put greater strain on the houses we build today. For them to perform well they need to be future-proofed.

  • Offer a healthy indoor living environment
    Everybody benefits from living in a healthy home. Warmer, drier and well ventilated homes built with non- or low-toxic materials will achieve the desired result.

  • Are friendly to the environment
    Choosing renewable building materials, minimising waste, harnessing the sun’s energy to reduce electricity needs, using and re-using water sensibly, all combine to reduce our impact on the natural environment.

  • Are cheaper to run
    Sustainability features in the home will provide financial benefits in the long-term, some at little or no extra initial cost.