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Welcome to Bernhardt Architecture Ltd

For many years, Bernhardt Architecture has specialised in creating homes that are healthy to live in and that protect the environment.

Johann Bernhardt is the director of Bernhardt Architecture Ltd. He has a masters degree (equiv) in architecture from Technical University Berlin, a PhD in urban development from Paris University VIII, and a lifelong interest in sustainability which was an integral part of his professional work as architect, urban designer and researcher both in Berlin and internationally. He has contributed to a number of professional publications in this field.

Johann lectures on sustainable design and building at the School of Architecture at the University of Auckland (UoA).

He is the editor of the book 'A deeper shade of Green' - sustainable urban development, building and architecture in New Zealand. (for more information click on 'the book')

His New Zealand projects have featured on TV (i.e. 'My House, My Castle' in NZ, 'The world's greenest homes' in Canada and the US) and in magazines.

Johann also runs the Auckland office of the Building Biology and Ecology Institute (BBE), researching, compiling and disseminating information on healthy and environmentally friendly building and living.

Mobile:  021 02229374